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Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia - will they turn blue?!?  Or maybe cheddar, gouda, or brie? Purchase our battleground state cheese tasting board below to find out. 


Available for $25, this board will feature a variety of cheeses and is available for pickup on September 14th and 15th.  A special wine pairing will be available as an additional purchase at the time of pickup. Limited local delivery is also available for an additional fee. Email info@beautifulrind.com for more info.


Want to learn more about the cheeses featured on the board?  For a suggested donation of $20 or more to the Biden campaign, https://joebiden.com, you will receive a link for a virtual class on September 15th at 7:30 pm by the big cheese of Beautiful Rind, Randall Felts. This webinar is privately requested and not affiliated or sponsored by Beautiful Rind. 

Battleground Board Order Form
Four different cheeses from battleground election states to be picked up on September 14 or 15.


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